Florida FAQ

We see the same questions popping up all the time about Orlando and Florida so thought we could build one page about it right here. We will update it as we come across more and more questions.

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  1. How long does it take to get to Florida? A flight from UK to Orlando is 10 Hours’ish.
  2. How much does it cost to go to orlando? A lot! See here for costs.
  3. When is the best time to go? Generally September is the best time but Orlando is a year round holiday destination.
  4. How do you make an Advanced Dinner Reservation at Disney? Call 0800 1690 730 or book online at the Official Disney site.
  5. What entertainment do i get on the plane? Depends which airline you are with. Virgin offer private TV sets with movies and games to choose from, some only offer set movies.
  6. Do I get fed on the plane? Yes, you will usually get complimentary food but some airlines charge for it. There will always be extras you can buy such as alcohol or pringles. Heres a link to Virgins in flight menu. If you are on there for ten hours you will probably get breakfast, lunch and dinner…..I would also take a bottle of water with you, whoever you fly with.
  7. How much hand luggage can I take on the plane? Each airline is different but they all do usually have a hand luggage limit. Check before you fly!
  8. Do I really need a hire car on my holiday? Depends what you want to do. If you are staying at Disney and all you want to do is Disney, then you probably don’t need one. A car will give you far more options though and will give you the ability to travel to malls, shops, restaurants….If you can afford a car, get one but it won’t spoil your holiday if you can’t.
  9. Which airports can I fly too? Orlando, Sanford and Miami are the main airports people usually fly into.
  10. How far is Sanford airport from Orlando? Around 35 to 45 miles depending on where your accomodation is. It takes around 45 mins to drive usually.
  11. How far is Miami airport from Orlando? Around 230 miles, it takes around 3.5hrs but is a nice drive.
  12. Which beaches are closest to Orlando?  Most people drive to clearwater or Cocoa beach. Orlando is in the middle of Florida. Cocoa beach is 60 miles away and usually takes just over an hour to drive there. Clearwater beach is about 100 miles away and usually takes a couple hours to get there.
  13. Should I take dollars with me or just travellers cheques? You will need some dollars but get whatever you can as travellers cheques as these are insured against theft or loss and write down the numbers of them all somewhere seperate from the cheques. You may also find that it is actually cheaper to buy everything on your credit card.
  14. Can I use my mobile phone in Orlando? Yes, but plan ahead and either switch your contract or buy a pay as you go type sim specifically for travel in US or abroad. This will be much cheaper, your UK contract will charge you a small fortune to make and recieve calls in the US.
  15. What insurance do i need for the rental car? You need to check what your car rental company already provide. If you buy your car rental in the UK before you travel then you likely have all the insurance you need to drive legally when you get there. If you bought your car rental from a US company then it is likely not to include it and you will need to buy it seperately. It should however be noted that just because you can drive legally on the road does not mean that you are provded with all the cover you are confortable with, an excess is usually applied to the cover that means you will still end up paying out thousands of pounds if you crash the car. Check your policy. You can buy excess insurance in the UK before you go and it will be 90% cheaper than if you buy it when you get there.