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Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse Vol. 11: “Mickey vs. Mickey” (Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse)

Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Vol. 11:

In the latest collection of Floyd Gottfredson’s classic Mickey Mouse newspaper strips, Mickey fights a clone war. Coming home from a trip, Mickey finds another Mouse in his house. A Mouse who could be his twin… evil twin, that is! The dastardly Miklos has been alienating Mickey’s friends and committing crimes in Mickey’s name. He’s got Pluto as a hostage, so Mickey can’t make him stop! Or can he? Send in the clones ― here comes a fight to the finish! “Dry Gulch Goofy” becomes a

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  • October 8, 2017 at 5:37 pm
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Not the Best of Times for Mickey, September 20, 2017
    David Swan (Denver, Colorado USA) –

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    This review is from: Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse Vol. 11: “Mickey vs. Mickey” (Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse) (Hardcover)
    Let me be perfectly honest. These are not five star comics. The stories are poorly organized and the jokes painfully corny. In the first story, Goofy becomes a massive overnight sensation thanks to some terrible caterwauling he performs on the radio. Goofy is given top star treatment and Mickey is made a director. I guess it’s probably asking too much to expect a Micky Mouse story to make sense but this whole tale is all over the place. Pretty much every story is just random stuff happening. In the next tale, Goofy has Mickey babysit his crazy uncle who just happens to have invented a time machine. They move backwards in time to the Roman era where Mickey fightd in the Roman coliseum and then forward in time to 2051. In the future people inhale their food rather than eat it and there are no countries or money. Also, the leader of the world is a flower and he’s compelled to marry a flower he doesn’t love. If your reaction to all this is WTF, I can assure you that was my reaction too. There does not appear to be any planning at all in these stories.

    Isle of Moola-la isn’t a terrible story and it harkens back to some of the older Bill Walsh stories. The problem is that Walsh just can’t seem to resists adding pointless silliness. When Mickey arrives in Moola-la the whole civilization does everything backwards. For instance, they eat flowers and decorate their homes with vegetables. Why is this the case? No reason. Does it add anything to the story? Nope, it just adds a week or so of cheap gags and drags down the plot. At least Moola-la generally sticks to one central plot and I like stories that take place in tropical regions. We even get the return of Peg Leg Pete. Unfortunately, the story just feels very childish and unfocussed.

    In “Hoosat from Another Planet”, Mickey and Goofy go hunting for Uranium but end up finding robots, aliens and a magical substance called “Bleerium”. Meanwhile, I’m smacking my forehead with my palm. It’s not that I don’t believe Mickey should ever be in a sci-fi story it’s, yet again, the sloppiness of the plot. I personally prefer a Mickey story more grounded in reality. It reminds me of when the Flintstone’s came across the Great Gazoo. Obviously, the Flintstones are far from reality but Gazoo seemed completely out of place. But to each his own. My real issue is the laziness of the writing. A beautiful alien female forces Goofy into a shotgun wedding and then shrinks him to two inches tall. Again, this goes absolutely nowhere because Walsh didn’t plot out the story ahead of time. He simply stole ideas from movies and threw them into the story. The alien women tells Mickey she’s taking him to the planet “Unnlax” and TWICE mentions it’s 300 thousand miles away. Seriously??? That’s barely more than the distance to the moon. A child should be able to spot that error. Lazy.

    The final story, ‘Mickey’s Dangerous Double’, is easily the best in the book. It’s compelling and actually feels like Walsh did some planning. What’s really interesting is the Mickey’s evil double manages to escape at the end and vows to return but Walsh and Gottfredson never use the character again. It wasn’t until 2014 when Disney artist Francesco Stajano revived the character. Not only does Fantagraphics include a two-page bio of Stajano but also the return of Mickey’s double in its entirety. That’s why I love Fantagraphics.

    I prefer longer stories over the gag a day but if you’re not doing any plotting I’m not sure what the point is. The section introductions are always kind but the writers can’t deny that Gottfredson appeared to be running out of ideas and was turning to more and more bizarre stories. I was thrilled that Eega Beeva was officially and permanently gone but the general weird tone has continued. I don’t have an issue with weirdness but it just feels to me like Walsh is just going through the motions and quite frankly Gottfredson’s art is nowhere near what it was a decade prior. I’m not trying to steer anyone away from the Mickey Mouse collection but if you’re Jonesing for some awesome classic Disney comics from the 50’s, Fantagraphics just released the latest volume of Carl Barks Donald Duck, ‘Secret of Hondorica’, and it is awesome. Barks knew how to plot out a story and keep it tight.

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