Orlando Airport Car Rental

So you have booked your holiday and now want a car. What are your options and what do you need to do? Luckily Orlando international has more than its share of car rental places. There are currently ten car rental companies on site at the airport!

Everybody has their favorite but what are the options and which is the cheapest?


The first thing you need to decide is your budget and the size of car you need. Usually the size of car required dictates how much you are going to spend but you can get upgrades to nicer/more expensive cars if you like.

The vehicles are usually split into categories of cars, SUV, Vans, Trucks. Realistically you probably aren’t going to need a truck…Or even an SUV. So I would stick to cars and vans. If there are 4 or less of you then it will be cheaper and easier to get a car but if there are 5 or more adults we would suggest a van. These are basically mini-buses or seven seater’s.

The cars are usually broken down into levels, rising in price at each level. You can save money on the hire car if you are willing to accept that its only a vehicle to get you from A to B on your holiday, but some people like a little bit extra luxury and it might be worth it if you are planning to travel around a bit.

Orlando car rental costs

Below is an example of Alamo’s levels of car rental, with a UK car equivalent next to it.

Prices are from Alamo quotes 09/06/2016 to rent in June. Some vehicles weren’t available to rent at Orlando international on this day but this gives you a good idea of the difference.

  1. Economy, $29.99 per day (Kia rio)
  2. Compact, $32.99 per day (Nissan note)
  3. Midsize, $35.99 per day (Ford Focus)
  4. Standard, $40.10 per day (Ford Mondeo)
  5. Full size, $40.99 per day (Ford Mondeo….Lexus’ish)
  6. Premium $61.27 per day (Bottom range Audi)
  7. Premium elite (BMW 5 Series)
  8. Luxury, $93.67 per day (Top range Audi)
  9. Full size elite (Lexus or Infinity)

And then there are the alternate cars, electric etc

  1. Hybrid (Toyota Prius)
  2. Hybrid (Hyundai)
  3. Intermediate electric (Nissan Leaf)
  4. Sporty (Dodge Challenger…Think evo or impreza)
  5. Convertible, $109.99 per day (Ford Mustang)
  6. Standard Elite (Audi A3)

Most people stick with the first 4…..And most stick with the economy or compact! If there are more than 2 adult we would advise upgrading to the midsize or at least the compact or you are going to struggle with luggage and people space.

Although its often included in the cost of your holiday some people are finding that its cheaper to book the car and flights separately.

As well as the above onsite car rental companies it may be worth checking companies off the airport site.

Orlando car rental – extras

When you get off your long flight you will be tired and a little hazy. So its important to understand the little extras that the hire car company will likely try to sell you.

The first thing is the fuel. The hire car is usually given to you full of petrol. Now this isn’t a free gift from the rental company, you need to pay for this. Our advise would be to pre-pay for the full tank so that you aren’t looking for a petrol station on your return to the airport. Each company has a different fuel policy so make sure you read it before you go!

Get your insurance sorted out before you go and then don’t let the check in clerk convince you to buy extra. You will need fully inclusive insurance but you can buy excess insurance before you go that covers things like windscreens and tires…They will try to sting you for this insurance at the check in desk.

Excess rental insurers

There are loads more but here are a couple to get you started.

Car rental tips

  1. Many offer online check in, allowing you to skip the check in counter at the airport all together….Don’t even give them a chance to sell you extras.
  2. Check your car before you sign, any scratches and dents need to be noted on the rental sheet before you sign or you will end up paying a repair bill.
  3. Make sure you have some way of contacting the rental company and keep it on you.
  4. After your hols make sure you haven’t been charged anything on your credit card!
  5. Keep receipts for all your tolls. Have quarters ready before you get in your rental car.
  6. A sunpass might be a good idea, it lets you drive straight through the tolls, as you pre-pay for them… Sunpass


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