Typhoon Lagoon

In the Florida heat there is nothing more welcoming than a dip in a pool. Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon opened in 1989 and features one of the worlds largest wave pools. The park is based around a shipwrecked fishing boat balancing on top of a mountain. The mountain has a water spout that sprays water 50ft into the air every half hour.

In true Disney fashion Typhoon lagoon is beautifully crafted into its surroundings, the attention to detail is amazing. The whole park is surrounded by a 1/2 km long lazy river ride that visitors can hop in and out of around the park.

Typhoon Lagoon Address

As with the Disney resort address, typhoon lagoons official address is within Lake Buena Vista, but this is the only Disney park to be inside the city limits :

1145 Buena Vista Dr, Orlando, FL 32830, United States

The other parks are actually in the adjacent city, Bay Lake, even though they do actually all have a postal address as Lake Buena Vista.

Typhoon Lagoon Map

For a map of Typhoon Lagoon Please visit our theme park maps page.

Typhoon Lagoon Opening Times

During the summer months Typhoon lagoon is open 10.00 AM until 19.00 PM but in the winter months these hours are reduced to 10 AM until 17.00 PM.

The slides always close at 17.00 PM regardless of the time of year but the main pool stays open.

It should be noted that the Disney water parks do close sometimes during the summer months for maintenance but either Blizzard beach or typhoon lagoon will always be open. Check before you travel!

Typhoon Lagoon Slides

Typhoon lagoon has loads of slides and rides to enjoy and line times usually aren’t that bad, even in peak times.

Standard water slides

  • 3 No Bay slides for children under 5 feet tall.
  • Humunga Kowabunga is a free fall slide dropping 5 storeys.
  • 3 No FAST storm slides.

typhoon water slides

Tube/Raft rides

  • Crush n gusher is a raft ride for two people with climbs, drops and turns.
  • Gang plank falls is a raft ride for four people.
  • Keelhaul Falls is a single person tube ride.
  • Mayday falls is a HUGE single person tube ride.

the crush n gusher

As well as the above there is the Ketchakiddee creek for kids under 4 which features all kinds of activities for the next generation.



Typhoon Lagoon Reviews

When they visit Typhoon Lagoon most people agree its a fantastic experience. One thing to note is the size of the place. It is massive so you need to be prepared to walk and be prepared to climb stairs!

unlike other water parks the slides and attractions aren’t just hanging in mid-air, they are all enclosed in rocks or mountains. This has a couple of advantages. Firstly the surroundings are beautiful but secondly, there is no feeling that you are climbing scaffolding, eliminating the feeling that you are precariously dangling at a great height.

Disney really did push the boat out when they designed Typhoon lagoon, it actually feels like you are strolling around a tropical island rather than a theme park and the views they have created are stunning.

The lazy river ride meanders around the park and acts like a convenient transport system but you can actually just sit in a tube and go around and around the park, its so beautiful and so relaxing.

Like everything in Typhoon lagoon, the wave pool is enormous. In fact it is among the biggest in the world, and the waves are six feet off the top of the water line.

Simply a beautiful, relaxing and thrilling place to be. Don’t miss out on visiting Typhoon lagoon.



  • Are lockers available? Yes. You can rent them, they are $15….Seems expensive, and it is, but it is useful.
  • Are towels available? Yes, they are $2 each to rent….Bring your own from the hotel.
  • How busy does it get? Very busy during peak times. Get there early to avoid being turned away or go in the late afternoon when it is slightly quieter.
  • Does the park close when it rains? Yes it does unfortunately. But on the up side, if you can wait around, the park will usually re-open again and will be completely empty!
  • Can you get food at Typhoon lagoon? Yes, the usual Disney fast food is available.
  • Is there anything for very young kids? Yes, there is an area of the park for younger children and the main wave pool is sloped like a beach so younger kids can wade and play in the shallow water.

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