Where to Stay in Orlando

So you have decided to go to Orlando for your holiday and are wondering what the best option is for accommodation. There are a lot more things to consider than you might think.

Unless you have relatives or friends who live in the area, there are only really the following options when it comes to accommodation:

Staying in a hotel

A hotel is the most popular option for Orlando holiday makers. Its often seen as the cheaper option and there are loads of them to choose from.


  • Good availability. Because of the sheer number of hotel rooms available in the Orlando area you probably always be able to get one.
  • Range of prices. There are hotels for every budget in Orlando so will be able to find one to suite yours.
  • Can be more sociable than a villa as you are likely to bump into and talk to other holiday makers.
  • Will likely be in the heart of the tourist districts (International drive or Kissimee).


  • Close neighbors. Hotels can be noisy, the operators aren’t usually that fussy who they rent the rooms out to.
  • Sharing and privacy. Your neighbors are close by in your room but they are even closer in the pool and communal areas of the hotel.
  • Smaller living space. Ok, you are only there for 2 weeks, but the accommodation can be cramped.
  • You dont really know what you are getting until you arrive.

Staying in a villa

A villa is a great option if your party is large. It can be a bit of a bargain.


  • Privacy. You will likely have a private pool where you can relax and maybe have a BBQ.
  • Larger accomodation. A villa will likely offer much bigger living accomodation than a hotel and will often have seperate bedroom and living areas.
  • Cooking facilities. A big advantage of a villa is that you will have full cooking facilities. If you can cook your own food you can slash the cost of your holiday….Although you probably wont end up cooking but its nice to have the option!
  • Much much much cheaper for a large group of people!


  • Can be expensive if there is only 4 of you.
  • Driving will be required. The villas are usually a little bit further from all the attractions and tourists spots so you will either need to drive or get taxi’s everywhere. Driving isn’t usually a problem as most package holidays come with a hire car.
  • Can feel a little remote if you are a small party.
  • You will have to find the villa in your hire car.

Staying on site at a theme park resort

Staying on site at one of the major resorts is great for some things but you will pay a premium.


  • You will not need to drive anywhere. Being located at the heart of the resorts you will probably be able to either walk or catch and internal bus to the parks.
  • Add-ons. As a guest staying on site you will likely be privee┬áto add-ons that day visitors don’t get. This could be extra hours in the parks or early entry to the parks or a host of other stuff.
  • You never have to leave the parks!


  • It will be more expensive. The resorts charge a premium for staying on site….And this premium can be quite high!
  • You might not see anything other than the park where you are staying. Some people for example, stay on site at one of Disney’s resorts and never leave Disney for a week. There is so much more to see and do!
  • The constant bombardment of the parks themes can become quite annoying if you have it 24/7.
  • Accommodation will likely be smaller than you would get for the same price off site.
  • The hotels are often fully booked up and do get quite busy.
  • A free bus to the parks is often a VERY busy bus to the parks!

Orlando apartment rental

A relatively new accommodation option is apartment rental. This is similar to a villa except you rent just a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment.


  • Separate rooms for bedrooms and living area mean that privacy is available.
  • Usually owned and used regularly by the owners so they are usually in good condition.
  • Cheaper than a hotel and offers some of the advantages of a villa without needing a large party.


  • Can feel isolated as you may be the only holiday maker.
  • They don’t always come with a pool or other facilities like ice makers and on site vending machines.

Choose your accommodation wisely and it could make all the difference to your holiday!

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